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                由新疆维吾尔自治区人民政府出∑ 资成顿时倒吸一口冷气立的新疆能源(集团)有限责任眼中精光闪烁公司,坚持以煤炭资源为主与其他资源开发并举的发展战略,融资源勘探、开发、招商、整合、储备、加工、转化、运销、物流、科研、融资、投资、基础设施建设与管理等多元※项目为一体,以集团化经营的方式,高起点、高水平、高效ω 益地打造现代能源产业体系,为新疆经济实现科学跨越提供有力支持。


                  Strategy as China's important energy bases in Xinjiang this magnificent splendor of the earth bears rich in energy resources, mineral resources, and wind and solar energy resources.

                  2010 symposium held in central Xinjiang, has opened a new era of Xinjiang big building large open development.
                  Xinjiang eighth party congress, the new industrialization is related to global modernization of Xinjiang, to give full play to the advantage of energy resources in Xinjiang, and strive to become the country's large oil and gas production and processing bases Xinjiang during the "12th Five-Year", the large coal coal power coal chemical industry base, the large-scale wind power bases and national energy resources onshore major thoroughfare.
                  Funded by the People's Government of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Energy (Group) Co., Ltd., adhere mainly coal resources development strategy development simultaneously with other resources, financial resources exploration, development, investment, integration, reserves, processing, transformation, distribution , logistics, research, finance, investment, infrastructure construction and management, multi-project as a whole, the group management, high starting point, high-level, high-effective to build a modern energy industry system, provide a strong science across Xinjiang's economic supported.
                  Xinjiang Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. will be the development of the concept of "change, change, innovation, adhere to the sustainable development of resources, adhere to the purposes of resource the Huimin strong area, give full play to the state-owned enterprises in scientific leap after catch up lead, motivate and play a leading role, and make a positive contribution for Xinjiang's leapfrog development and long-term stability